• Where can I order a table?

    Find your nearest representative.

  • How do I know it’s a real Bieke Casteleyn collection piece?

    There is a label of authenticity on the underside of each model, signed by Bieke Casteleyn herself. 

  • What are the delivery terms?

    +/- 8 weeks from order to shipment

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship worldwide through our representatives. Do not hesitate to contact us for shipping possibilities.

  • How is it packed?

    We take great care of our collection. All our tables are packed in firm wooden crates and are suitable for any type of shipment.


  • How do I maintain my table?

    We choose to work with cement-based plaster for our Out of Line objects and apply a long-lasting varnish to protect this material from stains. However, in order to enjoy your Out of Line objects for the rest of your life, we do have some important tips to keep them in excellent condition.

    When you buy an Out of Line, you receive a complementary maintenance product. This is a mild soap that we recommend using in order to carefully clean the table.

    Do you have any questions about the maintenance of your Bieke Casteleyn objects? Let us know.

  • Can I use the furniture outside?

    Out of Line furniture is suitable for indoor use only.

Special requests

  • Is it possible to create my custom shaped table?

    As Bieke takes great care of her designing process, we stick to the launched models. Therefore, we don’t produce custom shapes.



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