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Terracotta: the bold kitchen at Jeremy's from MOEA Studio


A contemporary statement kitchen where colour steals the show. At architect Jeremy Godenir (MOEA architectural designstudio) and Lien Van de Velde's home in Ghent, they chose a limited colour palette, but with a daring choice. Inspired by Le Corbusier, the monochrome kitchen still takes different nuances, depending on the chosen materials. Our OOL dining 295 in terracotta invites to come together and blends perfect with the terra palette of the rest of the kitchen. 

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OOL dining 295

Our dining table is the most original and iconic Out of Line piece of furniture. The skillfully designed, organic contours of this table create a sense of fluidity in any home, while stimulating conversation at the same time. The pop colour terracotta is developed to be bold but never overwhelming. This colour gives your home both personality and a playful touch.


We love the amount of exploration, visualization and eye for details Jeremy Godenir uses in his design. Using rounded shapes in all different ways, the organic, playful touch of our dining table fits perfect in this world. 

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photos: Filip Dujardin I www.moea.be I Classo.be