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Lucky Charm


My team and I invite you behind the scenes of this joyful and exciting photoshoot in total Christmas vibes.

We introduce you not only a deeper look of this dining table but also a new colour and our entire team!

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Will you be my lucky charm?


This model, which can seat 6 people, was designed in such a way that it invites you to mingle with the others seated around the table. The table also creates a sculptural effect in every room, even when empty. Moulding the edges of the table into this shape creates a greater sense of tension in the room, encourages interaction and invites convivial conversations.


The funky round table with curvy edges

We wanted to break the standard round table by adding a funky edge to it, but still as practical as the classic one. The uniqueness in this dining table is reflected in its curves. The contours can only be described as fluid: the Out of Line signature shape.

The use of a new colour, forest green, highlights the soft contours of this piece of furniture. This is reminiscent of dense forests, lush nature and the colour of an iconic oldtimer as a source of inspiration.

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As you can see, we put two dining tables next to each other to create a silhouette in which the curves blend into each other. This allows you to create a setting that seats up to 10 people.

The contrast with our already existing colour rusty red, makes this setting warm and inviting.

OOL 155 x2

In autumn, with the Christmas season just around the corner, the idea of doing a Christmas photoshoot came to me. So, I decided that instead of showing only our Lucky Charm dining table in rusty red and forest green, I would also feature my Lucky Charm team in the picture.


These are the people who are active every single day in helping me realise my dreams as an interior and product designer. They are the icing on my Christmas cake, for which I am grateful.

From logistics, sales and marketing assistants to atelier team members, each of them makes a unique contribution to the best results and most beautiful designs.

From left to right:

Kristien, Martin, Rob, Jasper, Lien, Bieke, Tifanny, Julie, Tom, Hayra.


Photography: Charlotte Lauwers

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