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Bench 114

From the dining room to the hallway or next to a sunny window in the living room. Allow this bench to be a charmingly designed place to sit down and take a break, no matter where you place it in your home.

OOL 200

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  • Size

    L 200 X W 64 X H 38 (cm)

  • Capacity


  • Optional


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We believe that furniture is an important part of your daily life, so don’t hesitate to use your Out of Line objects every day. For sitting, eating, working - or simply enjoyment. We choose to work with cement-based plaster for our Out of Line objects and apply a long-lasting varnish to protect this material from stains. However, in order to enjoy your Out of Line objects for the rest of your life, we do have some important tips to keep them in excellent condition, feel free to ask for a detailed brochure: info@biekecasteleyn.com

Label of authenticity

Every object is handmade to order in Belgium. Our craftsmanship ensures exceptional quality, from the time we take to allow the materials to dry to the sanding and finishing of our objects with natural varnish. Lastly, each piece is inspected before it will be dispatched to your home. The brass-colored label of authenticity on the underside of each model, signed by Bieke Casteleyn herself, guarantees its originality.


This model is available in different colours, from subtle essentials to bold pop and inspirational selections. Discover the options